Wall Coverings 2009

“Wallcoverings”  Or “Wallpapers” is the title of a collection that I was never able to display in an exhibition.  The main idea of ​​ this collection was formed in my mind in reaction to the events after the elections, and the huge volume of migration that resulted from it. A collection of portraits of friends and relatives who at the time either migrated or intended to do so, or were merely imagining a hypothetical destination.  Each portrait has a plaque engraved with the personal information  of its owner, including the city of birth and the city of destination.  The title of each work is a combination of these two cities. The technique of oil and paint works on wallpaper is selected for each portrait separately and based on my image of that person.  The main reason for choosing wallpaper for this collection was in fact an attempt to liken the migration to a decorative act in the face of the walls that remain in place.